Looking for something special?

Our magnets are made in a home, by hands, right here in Australia. This means that we can essentially make you whatever you need to help you engage your children.
Every family is different and some families (and children) need very specific tools to assist them with every day life. Every child is capable of independence and growth when they have the right tools to help them.

What kids of sets/charts can we make and what problems can we solve?

We can make anything with our magnets! Anything that can help engage children and/or help parents and teachers. We can help you find solutions for organisation, planning, check lists for kids, behaviour and reward chart systems to suit you, routine and schedule systems to suit you, custom classroom schedule sets, education sets specific to your needs/requirements.
What we can't do... is make sets above a certain size - this will be increased and will let you know when our capacity increases. We also can't make you sets that are dry erasable (yet, but we're working on it!) - this is when you can rub whiteboard markers off. Lastly, we can't make our magnets thicker or more durable - increasing the thickness and size of the magnets makes them more hazardous to children.

The 7 steps to customisation


Work out what you want or need

You may have an idea in your head of what you need, or you might have no idea. I can help you work out what can work best for you. First I'd suggest checking through my web store and facebook pictures to see what other custom orders I have done.


Specify exactly what you want

This might be in great detail or you might just refer to other products I have made with changes you'd like. The most important thing is that you're certain it's what you need. I'm very good at helping people find solutions and am intuitive in making systems that will work so you don't have to worry about the instructions being too vague. I will ask you questions if I need to and once I know what you want I can provide you with an accurate quote.


Base custom order fee $30

After this base fee, your order will be assessed on the number/scale of magnets and the complexity of the order.

Your order will then be classified as a level 1-6 order (each level adds $5 to the base fee). i.e. A level 2 order will cost $40 and a level 6 order will cost $60.


Confirm the specs and quote, and send me your email address

I will issue you with an invoice once you have confirmed the quote and specs are suitable and to your request. I will issue you an invoice (either through Square or Paypal) with your email address.


Pay the invoice

To avoid timely delays in the processing of your order, all invoices must be paid in full within 2 days of it being issued. This is important with custom orders as the process can be drawn out and it takes longer for you to receive your special order. Unfortunately due to the nature of custom orders these magnets cannot be made and printed without payment being received prior.


We make your magnets!

This process can vary in time and complexity depending on the order but you will be informed of the progress along the way.


Revision of proof

Once I have finished designing your magnets I will send you a digital proof to review. At this time and this time only you will be able to request changes to the designs before printing.


Print, post, play!

After final edits have been made, your magnets will be printed, cut up and packaged ready to post to you. They're usually posted as a large letter with Australia Post but alternative arrangements can be made at your request. As soon as you get them, you can get playing!

Some more examples

How to contact me for custom orders

Email me - michelle@magnetricks.com