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MagneTricks products require some care to ensure your family can enjoy them for a long time.

Products are not waterproof Please keep in mind that these products are not waterproof and ink is likely to smudge if wiped with a wet cloth or handled with wet hands.

Items are not dry erasable These magnets can come with blank pieces but please remember that although they're glossy and may appear to be dry erasable, white board markers will not wipe off.

Little hands and little mouths These magnets are designed for children to interact with but please supervise use and teach your children how to treat the magnets with care. Small children may be tempted to put the smaller magnets in their mouths - you must always supervise if your child is likely to do this. Little hands also like bending and scrunching things - teach your children how to handle them gently as scrunching the magnets will lead to some creasing and the fading of colour.