For Parents

Juggling a thousand responsibilities?

Whether you're a young adult, old adult, parent to fur babies or parent to skin kids, I have magnets that can help you manage your life, home and family.

Being organised can save your sanity and help you manage everything. Use your fridge to help you remember important things, engage your family in routines and responsibilities, and plan your meals and chores.

Mummy madness

Losing marbles?

Don't stress! You've got this.

These magnetic resources are designed to help you find your happy place. They're designed so your family can work as a team to contribute and make mundane tasks engaging and rewarding.

Whether it be household chores, daily routines or fostering self management and independence in children - there is something here to help. I have set up a number of parenting packs to help you find something that works.

Parenting survival kits

Foster learning

Teach them that learning is fun!

Whether it be learning sounds, words, numbers, time, or many other concepts, there is a set to help your children engage in learning and enjoy learning. Children are far more receptive to learning when it's a positive and engaging experience - use these tactile tools to help them explore new (or practice known) concepts.

Educational products found here!

In addition to cleverly designed products, there is a blog with information on how to get the most educational benefit from these products.

Celebrate achievements

Make the good mean more than the bad

Sometimes all the time and interactions between children and their parents is coaching, reprimanding and instructing. Without even realising, the vast majority of the interactions with our kids are about trying to correct bad behaviour, by focussing on the bad behaviour. It doesn't make anyone feel good to always focus on what's wrong, so focus on what's amazing. Praise, reward, celebrate every big and small achievement. Tell your children when they get it right, rather than when they get it wrong. Interactions and behaviour all become more positive. Use these incredibly versatile themed magnetic reward charts to focus on what your child or children do right.

Check out the reward charts here