What our customers have said...

"Amazing, flexible service. Speedy communication and always happy to work with you to achieve the end result required. These have been a lifesaver for us in our house, with a child now school aged with ASD these are a godsend. Great quality, vibrant colours, and so many options!"
Rach, QLD

"SUPER friendly service, EXCELLENT products, and just AMAZING all round experience! LOVE Magnetricks products and use them daily! THANK YOU!!"
Rebekah, VIC

"Love the MagneTricks charts for parents. Having these charts on my fridge has made getting ready in the morning so much easier. Plus I can change around the targeted behaviour. Love love love my chart and so do the kids. Thanks Michelle"
Julie, WA

"Just want to say a big thank you for our Christmas tree! Our girls love it and redecorate it every time they go past, lol... I will certainly be shopping here again"
Lorna, QLD

"Michelle has done an amazing job with these - what a way to get your kids involved and owning their behaviour in a positive way. Thank you Michelle!"
Alana, WA

"We have had our morning and evening routine charts for a couple of months now, and while we don't use them everyday, they are perfect for those days when the kids don't want to hear my voice telling them what to do - if the chart says it needs to be done - it gets done with no fuss! AMAZING the difference they have made!! Thanks so much Michelle. x"
Kristy, WA

"Fantastic service! Having theses charts are gonna make my days so much easier!"
Mady, WA

"Last year becoming a school mum was a massive learning curve for me. I'm determined to rock this school year like a boss! These awesome magnet charts that were custom made for me by MagneTricks has been heaven sent for our mornings. Daniel loves all things familiar and routine and he also no longer has to guess what is expected from him"
Corlia, WA

"Thank you for my products. Looking forward to ordering more. My daughter loves learning so the sight words are next on our buy list. Great quality too"
Josie, QLD

"Love it! The girls are loving their chores! 'Making' their beds every morning and earning 10c! They think it's great!!! Thank you!!!"
Abby-Jane, QLD

"They look amazing! Thank you so much! I'm really looking forward to using it, my little man will enjoy using them too! Actually, the whole class I'm sure will get great benefit out of our new visual timetable. Thanks again!"
Michelle, VIC

"Thanks so much for our MagneTricks they came soo fast and my daughter absolutely loves them! Makes singing her favourite songs more fun will definitely be ordering more."
Elle, WA