Structure and conditions

1) An expression of interest

If you're interested after reading through the conditions and process, contact [email protected] to express your interest in becoming a new distributor. I will converse with you to ensure you've read and understood how the distribution of my products works. Once you purchase a starter pack, you're given ‘new distributor’ privileges on the MagneTricks website and also receive an email about the products and support networks (youtube videos and facebook group). I will invoice you for the starter pack of your choosing when you're ready to start selling.

Interested parties are encouraged to purchase a starter pack within one month to avoid disappointment (places may be limited).

2) New distributor

Once your starter pack has been shipped to you, you will be moved to the new distributor group where you can access a 30% discount on all orders. You have 2 months from the shipping of their starter pack to set up and establish. After this, the target for a distributor is sales of $200 worth of product a month. For monthly sales exceeding $400, you will receive a 5% rebate based on the total amount of your sales for that period. This bonus will be transferred to you within the first week of the following month.

If you don't meet the targets, don't worry! You will be contacted to see how you’re going and offered support/guidance. If you're no longer interested in selling the products, you will be moved back to the general customer group.

3) Dedicated distributor

This group is for distributors meeting a target of $500 or more in sales a month. This group gains access to 40% off all orders placed on my website. If your sales exceed $800 in any given month, you will receive a 5% rebate based on the total amount of your sales for that period within the first week of the following month.

If a dedicated distributor doesn't meet their targets for 2 consecutive months, they will be contacted for support. If they desire to stop selling, they will return to the general customer group.

4) Power distributor

These distributors meet a target of $1000 or more in sales per month and receive a 50% discount on all purchases.This is the highest level a distributor can obtain. Power distributors will also receive discounts on promotional materials and will receive personalised business cards as a MagneTricks distributor.

The process

You can sell/promote the products however you choose to do so. The starter packs you can purchase will include samples and promotional material. You will have access to support via a facebook group, youtube videos and informative blogs and emails about the products. You will also have personal ongoing contact with me, the owner. I will also help inform you of business workshops, podcasts and networking events in your area.

Regular distribution system

You take orders from customers and receive payment - how you receive payment is up to you. You will then place bulk orders either weekly, fortnightly or monthly, pay their discounted rate for the items, and receive the bulk orders to your address for you to distribute to your customers.

Drop shipping option

If a distributor wishes for a drop shipping type arrangement, they must collect the orders and notify the customer of payment methods direct to MagnneTricks. You place the order on my store on behalf of the customer and use a checkout code unique to you so I can identify the distributor assigned to the sale. You choose direct debit as the payment option (as it's not processed automatically) and I confirm it as paid once the customer has deposited the payment. I prepare and mail each order to the customers once payment is received. Each month, I review the orders received by the drop shipping distributors and calculate their earnings. I transfer the income to you and issue you with a statement.

The starter packs

You can choose one or more starter packs. All come with 20 catalogues, 50 flyers and 50 personalised order forms.

Pack one - For mums - $220

Products include basic educational products and some home organisation products. Some products can be swapped for alternatives - subject to approval.

Pack two - Educational - $220

Consists of educational products aimed at fostering a love of learning. Some products can be swapped for alternatives - subject to approval.

Pack three - Choose your own - $250

Choose the products you'd like to make up your starter pack.

Distributors can then purchase additional promotional material packs (which exclude product samples)