Spelling and grammar errors – even adults get these wrong

Sticky grammar and spelling


Some spelling and grammar errors are everywhere these days (thanks internet). It’s not just kids that get certain English words wrong when spelling them… and with online interaction and social media being far more prevalent these days people are writing more and more. There are some ‘mental checks’ you can do to make sure you’re using the right word when you write. I’ve compiled a few but will add to it as more come to me. Be sure to pay attention to the brilliance of my images. I’m not just a pretty face, I’m actually smart sometimes too! When you teach children you learn about how to deliver something that will stick. There are easy ways to remember confusing spelling and grammar structures, when it’s explained well.

Let me show them to you!

Do I use your or you’re?

spelling grammar errors your youre

Is it there, their or they’re?

spelling grammar errors there theyre their

Should I use brought or bought?

spelling and grammar errors brought bought

Do I use an or a before the word?

grammar errors use an a

Do I use here or hear?

grammar errors here hear

What about affect and effect?

grammar errors affect effect

These tips can help you remember which words to use in which instances. The meaning assigned to words can give you hints as to where the word should and shouldn’t be used. Hopefully some of you have had an ‘ah-ha!’ moment from reviewing the images I’ve created.

Thanks for reading!

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