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Everything we do is about making the little things in life a bit easier. Making cool products isn’t the only way we can do this – That’s why we have this blog.

We have articles that you might relate to, some that are designed to teach your something or offer you a new perspective. We have some to give you more detailed information about some of our products and how to use them, and we offer some information about how children learn. I also share some of my own personal experiences related to parenting, adulting, and dealing with the stresses of life.


Our best information and advice on how to manage the chaos.
Relate-able and unique parenting stories aimed to inspire.
Tips on positively engaging children in learning and being independent.

kids doing chores


There are so many strategies out there to help you, and your kids, with chores – and there are heaps of ways you can make it more enjoyable for everyone.


There are lots of ways you can foster learning to help your kids. That’s what these posts relate to. Here you can find some tips and information about using play to help kids learn, using popular games like Minecraft, understanding how kids learn their letters and sounds, etc.